Adoption, the loving option

Adoption, the loving option

NAPN is kicking off our “Shout Out Your Adoption” campaign in response to the pro-abortion Shout Out Your Abortion promotion. 

Adoption is a wonderful act of love and one of the best alternatives to abortion.    We are featuring the benefits of adoption and those who have been adopted and made significant contributions to society and the well-known people who have adopted. 

The Lifespan organization of southeast Michigan has graciously supplied NAPN with adoption information and resources we can use in our campaign.  A quote from their resource manual about adoption which we found particularly meaningful: “To give birth to your child is to take a longer time to realize that children are not an extension of you! To adopt your child is the quicker route to get to the same conclusion. Each child, whether by birth or adoption, is TRULY a gift from God. If you are led to adopt a child, whether through circumstances or desire, what a miracle it is to find each other, even if it may be halfway around the world. The path that is laid before us in giving birth to a child or adopting a child is not important in comparison to the end result. To hold your child, to look upon your child’s face and feel your heart burst from the love you feel for this little person, is to catch a glimpse of the love God has for every one of us. Adoption is concrete testimony of true love, trust, hope and faith by the birth parents and by the adoptive parents.”

NAPN would like to hear from you!  If you were adopted, adopted a child or have a sibling or grandchild that is adopted, drop us a line. We want to champion adoption as the best alternative to abortion. 

Contact Sue Meyers: or send a note to P.O. Box 8236, Hot Springs Village AR 71910-8236.


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5 Myths and Realities About Abortion Adoption

5 Myths and Realities About Abortion Adoption

5 Myths and Realities About Abortion Adoption

 MYTH: Birthparents can show up at any time to “reclaim” their child.

REALITY: Once an adoption is finalized, it is permanent, and the adoptive parents are legally recognized as the child’s parents.

MYTH: Birthparents are irresponsible and don’t care about their children.

REALITY: Birthparents want the best for their children. They make adoption plans because they know they aren’t able to take care of a child.

MYTH: It costs a lot to get a child.

REALITY: While most adoptions involve fees, the fees are for services rendered. They are never in payment for a child.

MYTH: Adoptive parents don’t love their children as much as parents in families formed through biology.

REALITY: The love is the same, regardless of how a family is formed.

MYTH: Adoption is second-best.

REALITY: Adoption may sometimes be a second choice, but it is never second-best.


Weighing the Options

5 Myths and Realities About Abortion Adoption

5 Myths and Realities About Abortion Adoption

Weighing the Options Pregnancy coaches and counselors have a front-row seat to an expectant

mother’s decision-making process— first to carry the pregnancy to term and then to decide to parent or

place the child for adoption. Caroline’s story shows how family, friends, and fears influenced her

thinking, and how a thoughtful pregnancy counselor shared options with an expectant mother while

leaving the decision up to her. “I was 19 years old when I sat in the doctor’s office waiting for the results

of my pregnancy test. The doctor had lots of questions for me: “What if you are pregnant? Do you have

a plan? Is the father in the picture?” I was annoyed with her questions and silently hoped the test would

come back negative. I wasn’t ready for a baby. Then the results came back. ‘Well, Caroline,’ she said,

‘you’re about five weeks along.’ A sudden flood of thoughts and worries came to my mind. I could hardly

imagine a human being growing and developing inside of me. I didn’t want any reminder of the man

who got me pregnant. I started thinking, ‘I can’t have this child.’ I didn’t know what to do. I thought

about getting an abortion, but I didn’t know how I’d afford it. I’d only told two people about the

pregnancy, and I wasn’t sure if I should tell anyone else.” 

Read the rest of the story from CareNet.

People who adopted children

5 Myths and Realities About Abortion Adoption

People who adopted children

Al Roker-news anchor

Angelina Jolie-actress

Arch Buchwald-comedian

Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Sr.-publisher

Barbara Walters-journalist

Ben Stein-actor and game show host

Bette Davis-actress

Bob Hope-entertainer

Brooke Adams-actress

Burt Reynold-Actor

Calista Flockhart-actress

Cecil D De Mille-film director

Charles Bronson-actor

Connie Chung-news anchor

Dale Evans-singer

Dan Marino-football player

Dan Wilson-Seattle Mariners (baseball)

David Kelley-television producer

Diane Keaton-actress

Dianna Wiest-actress

Donna Mills-actress

Ed McMahon-entertainer

Erma Bombeck-comedienne

Estelle Parsons-actress

Eva Arden-actress

Father George Clements-minister

Gail Sheehy-writer

Gary Merrill-actor

George Burns-comedian

George Lucas-film director

Gloria Swanson-actress

Gracie Allen-Comedian

 Hank Williams, Sr-country music legend

Harry Belafonte-singer

Hawkshaw Hakins-WWVA Jamboree 

and WSM Grand Ole Opry

Hedy Lamarr-actress

Helen Hays-actress

Mayor Charlie

People who placed children for adoption

People who adopted children

NAPN has found this delightful story of adoption of a baby saved from abortion.  The story is written by

AFP and carried by the Drudge Report.

Little Charlie McMillan is only seven months old but has been described in the article as the new face

of the anti-abortion movement.

Charlie is the honorary mayor of the town of Whitehall, Texas, a title bought by his adoptive parents at an auction in October as part of a fundraiser for firefighters in their community which is about an hour

northwest of Houston.

In a twist on President Donald Trump’s slogan, the chubby mayor has as his slogan, “Make America Kind Again.” His agenda includes patriotism, adoption, and life.

His adoptive mother Nancy Jane states, “One of his campaign platforms focuses on the brave and courageous choice his birth mother made for life. She was in the midst of a crisis pregnancy and chose not

to terminate the pregnancy but to carry him, and we were the incredibly blessed recipients of that brave and courageous choice.”

The appointment does not involve any actual duties and was “just something fun we were doing” says McMillan, but then “Mayor Charlie” began to have a positive influence on the people of Whitehall “in

this time of cultural and political divisiveness.”  His parents are on the development board of the Houston Pregnancy Help Center.   Local business owner Frank Pokluda said he gave Charlie the oath of office "and naturally he nodded each time so he was well

aware of what he was doing."  He added 

"Look at the joy this child has brought to this community...

there's people out who'd love to have these kids so I think it's a great thing," he added.

Adoptive dad, Chad McMillan, 51, hopes his son can provide a much-needed respite from the political battles that have divided the country.  "We hope that Charlie, who isn't a Republican, who isn't a Democrat, who isn't an independent, who

loves people, can allow everybody to take a breath," said the Baptist pastor and missionary, who voted for

Trump in 2016.

People who placed children for adoption

People who placed children for adoption

People who placed children for adoption

Andy Kaufman-actor

David Crosby-singer

Kate Mulgrew-actress

Joni Mitchell-singer

Roseanne Barr-actress

People who adopted children

People who placed children for adoption

People who placed children for adoption

Henry Fonda-actor

Horace George Hamilton-adminstrator

Isbella Rossellini-actress

Jane Fonda-actress

Jane Wallace-TV personality

Jane Wyman-actress

Jann Wenner-publisher

Jill Ireland-actress

Jill Krementz-author

Jo Beth Williams-actress

Joan Didion-author

JOan Fontaine-actress

John Denver-actor

John Gregory Dunne-author

Josephine Baker-singer and dancer

Judy Woodruff-news anchor

Julie Andrews-actress

Karen Grassle-actress

Kate Capshaw-actress

Kate Jackson-actress

Kirby Puckett-athlete

Kirstie Alley-actress

Kris Kristofferson-singer

Kurt Vonnegut-author

Linda Ronstadt-singer

Loni Anderson-actress

Louis Gossett, Jr-actor

Magic Johnson-athlete

Marcia Wallace-actress

Marie Osmond-singer

MIa Farrow-actress

Michelle Pfeiffer-actress

Neil Carter-entertainer

Nicole Kidman-actress

Oscar de la Rente-designer

Parker Stevenson-actor

Patti LaBelle-singer

Paul Newman-actor

President Ronald Reagan-politician

Regina Belle-singer

Rep. James Leach-politician

Richard King Melion-financier

Rober Rulghum-writer

Rosie O'Donnell-actress

Roy Rogers-entertainer

Sally Jessy Raphael-talk show host

Sammy Davis, Jr.-entertainer

Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell-politician

Sen. Gordon Humphrey-politician

Sen. Jesse Helms-politician

Sen. John McCain-politician

Sen. Lloyd Bentsen-politician

Sen. Paul Simon-politician

Steven Curtis Chapman-Christian musician

Tom Cruise-actor

Valerie Harper-actress

Walt Disney-founder of Disney

Willie Mays-athlete

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Adoption Benefits Adoptive Parents, Birth Families & Children


“My motivation is really just seeing the joy, the tears, the happiness at the adoption finalization hearings, and letting the biological parents know that what they’re doing is the most selfless act an individual can ever possibly do,” [Adoption Attorney] Ken Nelson says, “What they’re doing is probably going to help their lives, and it’s going to completely change for the better the lives of the adoptive parents.”

Adoption is a life-changing experience that can have an incredible impact on everyone involved in the process. Not only can it benefit the adoptive parents, who have often tried for years to add to their families, but also the birth parents and, most importantly, the adopted child.


Advantages of adoption

Advantages of Adoption for Prospective Birth Parents

Advantages of Adoption for Prospective Birth Parents

Advantages of Adoption for Prospective Birth Parents



For many birth mothers, choosing adoption is one of the most difficult decisions of a lifetime — but it can also provide countless benefits. For expectant mothers, adoption:

· allows them to continue pursuing their goals without putting their education or career on hold.

· relieves the financial and emotional stress of unplanned pregnancy and single parenting, and allows them to receive help with living expenses during their pregnancy.

· provides peace of mind that their child will be raised by pre-screened adoptive parents who can provide a safe, stable, loving and nurturing home.

· is an opportunity to help hopeful parents who would not be able to have a child otherwise.

· gives them access to important services and resources, including professional counseling and support services, at no cost.

· offers opportunities to stay in touch with the child through open or semi-open adoption.

· If you are pregnant and considering adoption for your baby, you will have the opportunity to design an adoption plan that works for you — one that allows you to continue to pursuing your goals while remaining a part of your child’s life.

Advantages of Adoption for Adopted Children

Advantages of Adoption for Prospective Birth Parents

Advantages of Adoption for Prospective Birth Parents



Do adopted children grow up to be happy, healthy and successful? How do adoptees feel about adoption? Will my child resent his or her adoption story? These are common concerns for expectant mothers and adoptive families alike.

Whether you are considering adoption as an expectant mother or hopeful parent, know that adopted children:

· are placed with families who have planned, prepared and longed for a child; these parents have completed the home study process to ensure they are ready to provide a stable, loving home.

· often grow up with opportunities they may not have had otherwise, such as the chance to attend college.

· are raised knowing they are loved not only by their adoptive families, but also by the birth parents who selflessly placed them for adoption to provide them with a better life.

· are reported to have better health, more one-on-one attention from their parents, and improved school performance compared to children in adoptive families as well as their birth parents the general population. More than 90 percent of adopted children have positive feelings about their adoption; these children are raised to understand that adoption is something special and that they are loved by their new families.